It’s time to refresh your social media strategy

It can be surprisingly easy to set a Social Media Strategy in place and forget to ever revisit it again. You plug along each day, tweeting the same stuff in the same manner, hoping it works. Sometimes you get a bunch of re-tweets and Likes, sometimes it’s a dud — but that’s the nature of social media. It’s all about catering to what your audience wants, and when and how. But that last part is the exact reason why you can’t let your Social Media Strategy get stale — you will forget the who, when and how, or they may all change if your business shifts focus.

Every 6 months is a good time to revisit and tweak your strategy. Here’s why and how: 

Have you forgotten your audience?

It may be hard each and every day to really channel your “inner customer” and recognize what they want, what their goals are and how you can help them achieve that through sharing relevant content, talking with them, etc. But you don’t have to take a lot of time each day to do that if you spend time in your Social Media Strategy laying out who they are, what they want and how you can genuinely help them. If you can make this crystal clear in your strategy document, and even provide yourself and your team with examples of what to share with them and how to say it, that will go a long way in helping your day-to-day social media activity.

To do this, really picture who they are, what they care about and what their goals are. Maybe you even go about making some buyer personas. Envision what their workday is like, what projects they lead, what struggles they face, and what channels they frequently visit to learn and converse with others. Lay that all out (either in a Persona or within your Social Media Strategy — or both) so it can be a reference point at any time.

Have you lost inspiration to post interesting social content?

It’s easy to slip into the same routine by tweeting and sharing the same content day-over-day in the same manner, but snap out of it! If you want to drive the engagement and conversations you need (and were hired to accomplish) you need do something different.

Sure, you can tweet out the exact article titles of third party articles, or even of your own blog posts, but why not add some spunk to it? Are you always going to the same blogs for content? Why not mix it up and find a few new sources you respect? Are you responding to people using the same copy each time? Mix it up to show you take the time to respond uniquely to each person.

Also consider:

  • Adding your own context to a post or re-tweet (via a “quote re-tweet”)
  • Inserting hashtags your audience and the industry use
  • Using quotes and stats to give people interesting, sharable content
  • Finding inspiration within your company, the brand, its products and even your team to give you new ways to communicate

Are you still using corporate jargon?

For some brands that have strict communication guidelines due to industry standards and compliance measures, it may be slightly unavoidable to do this. But for a majority of brands, you don’t have to talk like a robot or say the same thing over and over because it’s “in the script”.

If you social posts are dry and bland like oatmeal, spice it up! You don’t want to be plain oatmeal — especially not the store brand oatmeal. Plain oatmeal will get the job done by filling you up and keeping you healthy, but it’s not enjoyable. Neither are your bland posts. Instead, be like apple cinnamon or brown sugar flavored oatmeal and make your social posts fun and interesting! I bet you look forward to flavored-oatmeal-type content much more than plain — your audience also looks for fun, engaging content over dry stuff.

Are you on the right social channels? 

Perhaps your audience has changed over time. Maybe you’ve expanded across multiple industries, narrowed down your focus, or even shifted from B2C to B2B. When you change your audience focus, it’s always a good time to re-evaluate the channels you’re spending time on to make sure you’re still reaching the right people.

Is Facebook still effective and are you reaching all the right people? Are you ignoring Pinterest? Does Instagram matter to your customers? Re-evaluate each social channel twice a year (or at a time when you change your audience focus) to determine which channels are effective (and finding ways to make them even more effective), which channels are failing (and why), and which channels you aren’t on (but probably should be).

“But I don’t have time…”

Does all of this sound great to you but now I have you wishing you had time to actually do it? Well, you’re in luck. This is the type of marketing freelance work I specialize in and absolutely love doing. If you and your team don’t have the time of day to accomplish this but need it done yesterday, let me know!

Shoot me an email at kristin (dot) dziadul (at) gmail (dot) com and let’s chat :)

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