• To Twitter or Not to Twitter? Defining Your Social Media Landscape

    social media landscape

    Twitter is not right for every brand. Neither are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Ello and the next big thing. Too many times I see companies hop on one of these major social networks because they think they need to be there. But why? Without a solid understanding of your target demographic and your company goals, you should not be placing bets on certain channels “just because”. In this post, I’ll explain how to vet social media channels before you begin pouring time and effort into one that might as well be as useful as talking to a rock.

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  • 20 Effective Way to Increase Your Online Influence

    Twenty key tips to enhance your online influence.

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  • Facebook and Twitter are NOT the same Message Channel

    Facebook and Twitter users are very different and therefore need to receive different messages. Twitter users are more technical whereas Facebook users are more mainstream and non technical. If you manage your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, keep in mind that each channel needs a targeted and separate message strategy.

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  • Is the Internet draining us or do we lack focus?

    In this post I comment on the debate going on around if the Internet is making us dumb or not. I tend to think we can make it a positive by putting up good data filters in our minds and taking advantage of the immense amount of data available in a realistic way. Read on for more!

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  • How Twitter Can Help with Lead Generation

    Affnet.com guest blogs about how Twitter can help a business small or large generate leads, and specific tasks and strategies to utilize in order to do this.

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  • 15 Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

    I tuned into Hubspot’s “The Science of Retweets” by Dan Zarrella and wanted to give all of you a recap of my most important take-aways from his lecture. I have personally found so many of these techniques to work very well. At the end of this post, I’m asking all of you to try an experiment with me.

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  • Amazing New Technologies!

    Kristin Dziadul of kdmedianow.com has uncovered videos of some incredible and ground-breaking technologies that will change the way consumers live their daily lives in some way or another. Check them out!

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  • Twitter: What is it even for?

    Kristin Dziadul of kdmedianow.com discusses her thoughts on the usage of Twitter which was stirred by an earlier conversation. Twitter can basically be used for whatever the user needs it for, and the needs differ based on the type of user. Read on for more information!

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  • #SoxUp Recap

    Kristin Dziadul of kdmedianow.com attended the 2010 SoxUp event in Boston, MA where she first ‘met’ some attendees on Twitter, and then met them in person during the event. The networking dynamics have truly changed with the high usage of Twitter to advertise for an event and to network with other attendees.

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  • Are You Socially Active?

    Kristin Dziadul of kdmedianow.com asks: are you ready to jump on the social media bandwagon? Do you consider yourself technologically savvy or very socially connected? Make sure you use these social media sites, and use them correctly!

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