• 4 Strategies to Immerse Yourself into the Boston Startup Scene

    Four tips to begin networking and experiencing the start up world from the outside in. Experiences taken from coming from Connecticut to Boston and landing a job at a start up company.

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  • “How Do I Get Involved in a Startup Company?”

    Getting involved with a startup involves much more than just a resume. Networking, a distinguished reputation and personal brand and determination are key factors that lead to you landing a job at a startup company.

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  • Blogging and Your Personal Online Brand

    Corve DaCosta is featured as a gust blogger, discussing how critical blogs can be to develop your personal brand online. Blogs allow you to demonstrate your ideas, opinions, expertise, and value to a potential employer. With information flying around the Internet at the speed of light, your personal branding information can be found very fast, which is a great advantage of showcasing your brand and blog online.

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