• Lack of Marketing Consistency is a Vulnerability to Your Startup


    A lack of marketing consistency is a huge vulnerability to your business. As a startup, you must focus on your big picture marketing plan and ensure it drives day to day marketing activities to drive a consistent message across every channel you are using. This post provides a framework for all marketers to ensure a consistent marketing strategy.

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  • From B2B to H2H: How to Bring Your Brand to Life Through Customer-Centric Marketing

    human to human marketing

    Consumers are smarter than ever now at tuning out mainstream marketing tactics and are seeking deeper, more meaningful connections with brands and individuals alike. But how can a brand connect with a customer on a deeper level, especially online when it feels so impersonal? And how do you develop a multi-channel marketing plan that reflects their needs? In this post are 3 ways you can bring your brand to life across any marketing channel to connect on a human level with your audience.

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  • Copywriting for Design, Designing for Copy

    Flickr user: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eflon/

    Copy and design are like the two oars of a rowboat. When they don’t align, a project spins out of control and the quality goes downhill fast. At KDMedia, we sit at the perfect intersection of marketing and design and have worked out countless projects where we’ve seamlessly bridged marketing and design to create an ideal workflow and result. Here is our advice on how marketing and design can better collaborate.

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  • What expecting the unexpected teaches you about effective startup launches

    keep calm

    In startup world, expecting the unexpected is one of the first hard lessons you learn. But during a launch, this increases two-fold — and for good reason. Based on experience launching dozens of startup product and services currently and in the past, as well as two big projects/services of my own, this post outlines the five things to expect and prepare for during a launch.

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  • 6 Ways To Get Your Customers To Genuinely Participate In Your Marketing

    social media participation

    Marketing and advertising aren’t going away anytime soon, but there is a big shift happening. I like to call it Customer-First Marketing and it’s a shift away from “ME! ME! ME!” marketing and advertising and towards “YOU! YOU! YOU!” Using this approach, you will be able to better capture your audience’s attention, getting them to actually participate in any of your marketing campaigns!

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  • Stuck In A Marketing Rut? 5 Ways To Get Out In 1 Hour

    stuck in a rut

    It’s not easy coming up with fresh ideas day after day, week after week, expecting incremental results every time. In this post are the top tips and tricks to get out of those ruts faster.

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  • The Marketing Factor That Gets People To Buy What You Do

    unique brand presence

    People want to know why you do what you do, not just what it is you do. They most likely won’t buy from you otherwise. They want the juicy stories and emotional attachment. This post showcases other companies doing it well and provides you with ideas to begin creating your own brand stories.

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  • It’s Not Just a “Social Media Campaign” Anymore


    Social media needs to be a part of every marketing and advertising campaign. Here are a few marketing initiatives social media incorporates well into.

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  • 3 Ways Marketers Maintain Focus In The Summer

    summer marketing

    A lack of understanding for how to focus and where to focus within marketing that can be our downfall — especially during the hot summer months. This post describes three tried and true ways to regain focus on marketing by paying attention to customer needs, team budgets, time, and capabilities.

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  • The Unexpected Career Path

    maze career path

    Many times a career is composed of the experiences you’ve had and the people you meet. Creating a meaningful career means taking risk and learning a lot. Most of us today do not follow a straight line career path — it’s full of zig zags that take us to new and unexpected journeys. Here’s how you can form the career path you truly love and how I came about doing it too, even if unexpectedly.

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