• 6 Ways To Get Your Customers To Genuinely Participate In Your Marketing

    social media participation

    Marketing and advertising aren’t going away anytime soon, but there is a big shift happening. I like to call it Customer-First Marketing and it’s a shift away from “ME! ME! ME!” marketing and advertising and towards “YOU! YOU! YOU!” Using this approach, you will be able to better capture your audience’s attention, getting them to actually participate in any of your marketing campaigns!

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  • Stuck In A Marketing Rut? 5 Ways To Get Out In 1 Hour

    stuck in a rut

    It’s not easy coming up with fresh ideas day after day, week after week, expecting incremental results every time. In this post are the top tips and tricks to get out of those ruts faster.

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  • The Marketing Factor That Gets People To Buy What You Do

    unique brand presence

    People want to know why you do what you do, not just what it is you do. They most likely won’t buy from you otherwise. They want the juicy stories and emotional attachment. This post showcases other companies doing it well and provides you with ideas to begin creating your own brand stories.

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  • It’s Not Just a “Social Media Campaign” Anymore


    Social media needs to be a part of every marketing and advertising campaign. Here are a few marketing initiatives social media incorporates well into.

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  • 3 Ways Marketers Maintain Focus In The Summer

    summer marketing

    A lack of understanding for how to focus and where to focus within marketing that can be our downfall — especially during the hot summer months. This post describes three tried and true ways to regain focus on marketing by paying attention to customer needs, team budgets, time, and capabilities.

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  • The Unexpected Career Path

    maze career path

    Many times a career is composed of the experiences you’ve had and the people you meet. Creating a meaningful career means taking risk and learning a lot. Most of us today do not follow a straight line career path — it’s full of zig zags that take us to new and unexpected journeys. Here’s how you can form the career path you truly love and how I came about doing it too, even if unexpectedly.

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  • What Do All Marketers Do Wrong In The Summer?

    computer by the pool

    While it’s not the greatest time to launch a product or get a lot of PR, it’s definitely a great time to start planning ahead. The summer gives us marketers (and anyone, really) time to (a) reflect on progress and (b) decide what you need to accomplish in the next several months. It would be a failure on our part to let these months pass by idle. These are the top five marketing-related projects you should be focused on the next few (hot and sticky) months.

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  • It Takes One Hour to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

    Today I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a service specifically to founders and founding teams. KDMedia now offers 1:1 classes called “Startup Marketing in 1 Hour”. These sessions are intimate, knowledge-packed calls or meetings where the founders (or a founding team member) brings their most pressing questions, problems, strategies, etc. to a call with me and I guide them on the best route based on their goals, industry, audience, etc.

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  • Redefining a Marketing Consultant


    Consultants have a bad rep. Needless to say, when I first took the leap and actually quit my full time job to do this, people didn’t get it. However, consultants have the unique advantage to view industry trends and “best practices” from a bird’s eye view. Through working with various clients, I see trends come and go, new marketing channels pop up that grow in popularity, and am even able to transfer knowledge from what I’m learning working with one client to another. By seeing what’s going on at a greater scale, I’m more easily able to tell clients early on about something new to do, or not do, and transfer valuable knowledge across projects. I do hope the general opinion about consulting will change for the better, and I’m already pumped to see so many amazing people taking the leap themselves and going into consulting full force.

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  • How to Gain Marketing Inspiration from Unusual Places

    marketing inspiration

    Would you ever think that a trip to CVS or reading a mall brochure could provide fresh ideas? Me either — until I really opened my eyes. Looking in every day places for marketing inspiration can inspire creative, new ideas you may never have explored otherwise.

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