• KDMedia at Dig South Interactive: Big Bad Brand Storytelling

    dig south

    KDMedia founder, Kristin Dziadul will be speaking on a digital marketing panel at Dig South Interactive Festival on “Big Bad Brand Storytelling and Fresh Perspectives on Effective Content Marketing Across Industries.”

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  • To Twitter or Not to Twitter? Defining Your Social Media Landscape

    social media landscape

    Twitter is not right for every brand. Neither are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Ello and the next big thing. Too many times I see companies hop on one of these major social networks because they think they need to be there. But why? Without a solid understanding of your target demographic and your company goals, you should not be placing bets on certain channels “just because”. In this post, I’ll explain how to vet social media channels before you begin pouring time and effort into one that might as well be as useful as talking to a rock.

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  • What Do All Marketers Do Wrong In The Summer?

    computer by the pool

    While it’s not the greatest time to launch a product or get a lot of PR, it’s definitely a great time to start planning ahead. The summer gives us marketers (and anyone, really) time to (a) reflect on progress and (b) decide what you need to accomplish in the next several months. It would be a failure on our part to let these months pass by idle. These are the top five marketing-related projects you should be focused on the next few (hot and sticky) months.

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