How to Build an Army of Brand Loyalists

Last night, I was invited by MassChallenge and Grasshopper to speak on an interactive panel on ‘Developing an Army of Brand Loyalists.’ I was joined by Jonathan Kay, Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper, and Sarah Hodges, Director of Marketing at Runkeeper.

In lieu of loving to share the information and case studies I present, I’m posting my slides below.

For those who attended, thanks so much for coming by! It was a great panel discussion followed by some awesome audience questions and valuable networking afterwards.


How to Build an Army of Brand Loyalists

Here are some pictures of the event below:
building an army of brand loyalists 2011
building an army of brand loyalists
building an army of brand loyalists

Why I Wouldn’t Be Mad if I Lost My Computer

cloud computing

No, I’m not asking you to come steal my computer. I have become so cloud-based that even if my computer one day disappeared, I would not lose much of anything in terms of data.

I do most all of my work and communications on Google Apps. I use Gmail for all of my mail communications (work, personal and blogging), Docs for anything I need to write up, and Contacts to keep up-to-date with coworkers and colleagues. Since Google Apps is 100% on the cloud, I would never have to worry about losing a file if my computer was ever stolen or broken.

All of my local computer files are stored on Dropbox, a cloud-based backup service that allows you to virtually and locally backup your computer data. If I ever needed to access a file I created on one computer that I saved on Dropbox and was not at the computer with which it was created, I could easily log onto Dropbox via the web and access it. Dropbox also works great for me since I have both a personal and work computer. If I am not with one of the two computers at a given time and have been working on a document, I can easily access it on the second computer since you can store Dropbox on multiple computers.

For my online data, I use Backupify (disclosure: I work there). I currently back up my tweet stream, Facebook data,  Gmail, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Flickr and Picasa accounts on Backupify. If I ever accidentally deleted an email (which I have done on occasion), Twitter goes down, a friend leaves Facebook and takes their tagged pictures of me with them, etc., I will still have access to that data via Backupify. Backupify came into a great use case for me recently while I was importing files and applications to my new work computer. I had to install a few Gmail accounts in iMail on my new Mac but forgot the passwords. I panicked for about a half second, then realized if I went into my Gmail archives, I could easily find the email with the password and link. Simple as that.

Today, between being in my young twenty’s and always on the go, working for a small start up with high aspirations, and being an avid blogger not only for this site but for BostInnovation as well, I seek simplicity wherever and whenever I can. Dropbox and Backupify solve this for me. I can rest assured that whenever I am working on something online or offline, it will be saved.

I find total peace of mind that my data will always be available to me, no matter where I am or what device I am using. This is a HUGE relief, because if I was to ever lose a document or online file, my work would be significantly compromised.

In what ways do you ensure that your data is not lost? Have you ever tried Dropbox, Backupify, or another backup service provider? What gives you peace of mind, if any, with your data?