It’s Not Just a “Social Media Campaign” Anymore

Social media is no longer the new kid on the block — it’s pervasive, it’s intertwined, and it’s here to stay — in some shape or form. It is not an island off on its own as it once was a few years back. Anyone who is deeply embedded into the digital marketing scene understands this by now (…hopefully). And if you are in the weeds of digital marketing, this serves as a good refresher for other channels you can combine for maximum reach and results.

It’s integrated with landing pages. It incorporates content in the shape of blog posts, photos, slide decks, ads, and so on. It’s a part of everything we as marketers do today.

That is why it’s so important to consider social in ALL of your marketing and advertising efforts. It would be a failure NOT to.

Let’s evaluate a few marketing initiatives that weave in social media for multi-channel campaigns:

Company Announcements

It’s safe to say that a good number of your customers and broader audience follow you on Twitter, Like you on Facebook or have +1’ed you on Google+. But that is not reason to keep big company announcements such as a new product launch just on social. Many of your customers and total potential audience may not be on any one of those channels or paying attention at the exact moment you publish your announcement on social.

Channels to incorporate with social for announcements:

Blog posts, email blasts, online ads, landing pages.

How these combined channels boosts these announcements:

By spreading the word of what you’re announcing far and wide, you’re ensuring the largest amount of targeted people will see it. Never assume one channel accomplishes all (although there may be a few rare exceptions).

What I typically recommend to clients is to have a supporting landing page or blog post that accompanies the announcement and tells the whole story. You can then use that content to post on social media, email to your list, send advertising traffic to, etc. And several of those campaigns should be done at once, never just alone. Every marketing channel is meant to boost up another. For instance, if you email out your new product announcement and have share buttons at the end, you are encouraging people who are excited about it to share the news on their networks.

Customer Feedback

Many say that social media has replaced small-scale customer survey/feedback efforts. While that may be true in some cases, it doesn’t fully work. You can never get the in-depth, detailed feedback you can from surveys run through SurveyMonkey or the like. It will never beat an in-person or phone interview. So while asking quick questions to poll your audience on social media can be a good way to get some quick feedback on one particular area, you need to do more.

Channels to incorporate with social for feedback:

Use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey or an email blast to send out the survey.

Depending on how large of a study you’re doing, you may even incorporate paid ads to gather broader feedback. You may also want to create a landing page with the survey embedded right in it.

How these combined channels boost feedback:

A good strategy here would be to create the full survey using your tool of choice and then selectsome of those questions to ask candidly on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. across a period of time. Never just rely on social all of the feedback you need unless it’s just one small question here and there. Simply use social media to support the larger campaign here.

Lead Generation

I consider social media to be a lead nurturing and long-tail lead gen channel. It’s certainly not for immediate conversion purposes (although that may happen if you get veryvery lucky). I emphasize to every one of my clients that social media’s purpose isn’t just to make money — it’s for many purposes surrounding lead gen that are equally important and can eventually lead to making money.

Channels to incorporate with social for lead generation:

Lead gen should certainly be a multi channel effort. And depending on your budget, lead qualification capabilities and sales team bandwidth, it’s something you can expand very quickly. Lead gen can be done through online advertising, eBook/whitepaper/data sheet/etc. downloads, specific landing pages, paid lists (although I am morally against this), events (trade shows, conferences, meetups), and on and on.

How these combined channels boost lead generation:

As I mentioned, having several other stronger lead gen channels (such as a whitepaper download, and online advertising campaign(s)) running as well as constant social media activity is the ideal. Use social media to continue educating the market on what you do, what your company stands for, and why they should want to work with you. When your followers happen to stumble across an ad or piece of content you’ve published elsewhere on the web, and they’re now familiar with you, they’ll be much more likely to convert since you’re a known name to them.

In a wrap

Long story short: weave social media into every other activity you’re already doing. Whether it’s a product launch announcement, customer feedback initiative, lead gen goal, or other activities like hiring and branding, use social media in the mix and treat it equally to other channels you’re also using. A holistic approach like this will allow you to run the widest reaching, most successful marketing campaign.