kdmedia marketing strategy

We love teaching people how to think strategically and manage their marketing programs just as much as we love to do it ourselves. KDMedia provides training (both ongoing and on a one-time basis) to quickly get you to exactly where you want to be, expertise-wise. We’re always excited to talk to people just as enthused about learning digital marketing as we were — and always are.

We also provide training to entry-level marketers and marketing interns for content and social media planning and execution. We know how important these internal hires are, especially to startups, and can help to quickly ramp them up to run with any piece of content or social media campaign.

So if you’d like to run marketing internally but just need a bit of guidance or advice, let us know!

If you’d like to set up a one-time deep-dive call, request a time with founder Kristin Dziadul on Clarity.fm: