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Attract in the right customers at the right time and in the right place to reflect what is truly outstanding about your brand. Being available on the channels your customers are using is obvious, but identifying the right channels and managing your presence isn’t always as easy. At KDMedia, we work with teams to carefully select the right social media channels based on a multitude of factors, identify the engagement tactics on each unique channel, and train you to manage your presence in a proactive way to continuously increase engagement and visibility and engage on a meaningful level with your audience.

Social Media Strategy

This is usually as a part of a larger Marketing Communications Strategy, which encompasses:

  • Recommendations on which channels are right for your business to be on, based on several factors
  • Lead generation tactics to drive real sales leads from social media activity
  • How to increase followers and engagement levels
  • How and when to engage on social media
  • Where to find the right content to share, how to do so, and how to incorporate hashtags and mentions in the appropriate manner
  • How to identify and engage with influencers and the media on social media



While we are experts in social media strategy and management, we’ve found that the best way to help clients with social media is to not just 100% outsource it, but to craft the strategy and then train the internal team to manage it on an ongoing basis. We provide personalized social media strategy and management training to anyone on your team, from executives to interns (see below) and anyone in between. From Twitter 101 to how to improve your LinkedIn presence right up to how to find and present the right content, we’ll help you get on track — fast.


Intern Social Media Training

Many times we’ve also worked with internal interns to train them on the strategy and daily management of social media to ramp them up quickly and teach them the skills they need to amplify your brand’s social media presence and content. We will work with them to educate them on the strategy and tactics as well as provide proactive advice as they proceed on day-by-day and help them measure results and improve with time.


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