kdmedia marketing strategy

The way your brand communicates is the essence of your branding and overall perception in the market. We work with startups to establish the right marketing strategy to optimize your branding, audience engagement, content and much more. These strategies dive deep into solidifying your brand’s voice, personality, specific marketing channels, and most importantly, provide a place to get your team on the same page to ensure consistent communications on every channel at all times.


We work with clients in the following strategic areas:

  • Maketing Communication Strategies

    Before investing time and money in a marketing channel, you need to first understand if it’s even the right place to reach your audience. We will help you determine where and how to communicate to the world, through research and experience. Then, we will help you learn how to message your product or service on each designated channel. This higher level strategy precedes all following strategies as it sets a solid foundation for your marketing program.

  • Positioning & Brand Voice Strategies

    Today, if you don’t convey a unique brand voice, you very well may never be remembered by prospects, especially if your competitors have already nailed it. And with the real-time nature of digital media, you only have a few seconds at most to capture their attention. We will help you identify your precise brand voice, personality and position in the market and will help you understand how to convey that in every piece of marketing and communications.

  • Community & Social Media Strategies

    How will you better the community, and where? Social media and other online communities are at the perfect intersection where you can share your unique offering, positioning in the market, and brand voice all in one place. We’ll help you understand how to do so on each appropriate channel and how to cultivate a truly loyal and passionate community.

  • Content Strategies

    Nailing an effective content strategy that tells the right story is not easy. Thankfully, we’ve done it hundreds of times. We will help you craft the right strategy to tell your story. We will then develop your editorial calendar to execute on that strategy and can help you and your team stick to it through an internal blogging program and our own writing expertise.

  • Paid Advertising Strategies

    How does paid advertising fit into your overall marketing strategy? Many times we recommend it as a great, cost-efficient compliment to existing marketing programs. We’ll show you!

  • …and more!

    Need to strategize with an expert team on a different marketing topic? Chances are, we’ve done it too. Contact us below to get started with the right strategy from Day One.