kdmedia design

In the crazy noise of the digital age, most businesses assume the goal is to be “found.” At KDMedia Creative, we’ve learned that it is equally important to get people to stay. That’s why we launched our in-house design shop alongside our Marketing Services to ensure the marriage of vision and execution. The results are truly beautiful and effective pieces of marketing collateral.

While content crafts the message and finds the customers, design creates the environment in which they decide to stay. There are many ways to bring people to your content, but the truly exciting things happen once they get there.

Our philosophy is three-fold: simple, beautiful, minimal. For many of our clients, what starts off as singular pieces of marketing material transforms into evergreen pieces of content that serve as an integral role in their sales and marketing funnel.


Design Services:

  • eBooks
  • Social media imagery
  • Data sheets
  • Case studies
  • PowerPoint and Keynote templates
  • Booth exhibits


We’d love to hear about your next design need(s). Your words are about to look truly stunning in their new design!

See samples in our Portfolio.