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People are not alway good at saying what they mean. Communication constantly frustrates, alienates and exasperates, but it’s also one of the most amazing tools at our disposal. Through it you will do amazing things. While you focus on building, iterating, percolating, we will handle the linguistic gymnastics.

We will work with your team to develop a unique and memorable voice that captures your audience’s attention and shows them who you really are. Many clients then ask us if we are open to ghostwriting their content. Our answer: Absolutely! We believe the voice of the company, no matter who wrote it, should come from an internal employee, whether that be the CEO, VP of Marketing or Product Manager. We will meticulously study your brand’s voice (or help you to develop it) and will craft a post to perfectly match it.


How it Works:

We work with most clients to develop their overarching Content Strategy and accompanying Editorial Calendar to start, but we don’t stop there. Our team has the capacity to write all of that content as well, weaving in your brand messaging and language that will resonate with your audience.


We specialize in writing:


  • Blog posts

    We work with your team on an editorial calendar and execute on that regularly to deliver targeted, high quality blog posts that will actually resonate with your audience.

  • eBooks and whitepapers

    Our team will help you understand when a topic is right for an eBook or whitepaper (and what the difference is) and can help you write it — start to finish, design and all!

  • Website copy

    We’ve worked with dozens of companies both to entirely revamp a website (while simultaneously managing the design process) and to conduct regular copy updates. We’ll work alongside your core brand messaging to develop copy that really sticks.

  • Email copy

    We know how hard it is to capture the attention of your audience. We’ve done it hundreds of times across dozens of industries, and can help you to craft compelling, valuable emails that will get the clicks and conversions you need to drive results.

  • Case Studies

    Customer use cases and stories are everything today in the world of social validation. We develop the right questionnaire for your product and audience, will interview your customers, and then craft and design it for you.

  • Ad copy

    You only have a couple hundred characters to convey your core message to the world of search and display. We’ll help you get it right and will continue to iterate on it as the campaign progresses.

…and more (we’ve done it all!).

See our Content Portfolio (and if you’re interested in seeing our specific ghostwritten content, those are marked as ‘Ghostwritten’ in our portfolio for you to check out!)

Build and extend your content marketing with the speed and accuracy of KDMedia.