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Take your marketing to the next level. It’s awesome up here.

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all, but we like to keep things simple and transparent. Choose from three levels of marketing based on your needs and goals:

KDMedia pricing

Note: These are sample frequencies, intended to illustrate the scope we offer at each price point. Exact deliverables would be determined during the proposal and kick-off process.

Deliverable Definitions:

    • Content Plan: 2-4 page plan outlining goals and strategy for the content program
    • Editorial Calendar: Dynamic Google Sheets-based editorial calendar with topics, titles, deadlines, publication dates, links to drafts
    • Blog Posts: 600-800 words; intended for company-owned blog
    • Premium Content: May include white papers, reports, data sheets, ebooks, etc.
    • Case Study: 200-500 word customer case study (with graphics where relevant) for use on company website and as sales collateral
    • Promotional Support: Recommendations regarding marketing channels to engage for each content piece produced. This includes social media, email marketing, online forums, influencer outreach and more. This may include:
      • Social Media Strategy: Recommendations regarding influencers to connect with, conversations (hashtags) to participate in, posts to share and promotion tactics for content produced by KDMedia or client
      • Social Media Management: Execution of daily posting, community interaction and strategy testing.
    • Web Copy Development: Development from scratch or editing of existing webpage copy.
    • Email Marketing: Development from scratch or editing of existing email marketing campaigns. We can help you build a lead nurture flow, A/B test and recommend the most effective strategies.
    • Monthly Metrics Report: Summary of KPI results for all marketing activities for the month
    • Metrics Support: Includes custom list of UTM parameters, usage, spreadsheet for tracking (or set up in your analytics software, and a training session on usage.

Why Retainers?

Some marketing consultants offer their services on an hourly or project basis. While we occasionally take on project work, we prefer to work on fixed monthly retainers. Retainers generally range from $3,000-6,000+ per month depending on scope. This offers both side predictability, but it also lets us be flexible and change as quickly as your needs do. Maybe last month your biggest priority was lead gen, but this month it’s all about hiring. We can turn on a dime, because our business model lets us refocus our efforts on the things that make the most impact for you.

We do occasionally take on one-time content projects, such as eBooks and whitepapers, for a set price that is determined based the type and scope of the project. We do not offer discounts, use performance models for compensation or accept equity in lieu of payment.


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