Lessons in Launching Your Own Product and Becoming a Better Marketer

startup launch

I’ve launched a LOT of products and services for other companies over the years. All of them were extremely exciting to be a part of, and every detail meant as much as the next, but sometimes it takes hopping into your own shoes to really understand the intricacies of a launch.

In the past year alone, I’ve launched two projects of my own: the introduction of KDMedia Creative, a full-service design and video offering, as well as a side project I’m extremely passionate about, Fit Paleo Life. I treated each of those launches with the same care and process as I do all others, but this time around it was personal. I truly felt why a single word can throw an entire launch off, why you wake up at 2am bursting with ideas and send frantic emails around to the team, and why launches many times get pushed off because of checking and re-checking every last function, word and plan.

“To truly empathize with founders and have a startup launch perspective, you have to launch something of your own.”

Now, I understood all of this during previous launches, but the point here is I finally felt it. Feeling it is a whole other experience than knowing. In fact, it was an incredible experience. It wasn’t just a launch, it was bringing something new to life that I created. That’s how all of the startups I’ve worked with felt during their launches. It’s a crazy nerve wracking sensation to help and oversee your team bring your idea to life and out of the dark for the world to see. At the same time, it’s comforting to have a team alongside you — I know I was thankful to have my team beside me to help with copy, design, messaging, layout, etc. etc. while we prepped for the KDMedia Creative launch.

It’s thrilling, it’s terrifying, and it’s gratifying. I’m excited to relate to them on that very deep level since I had always strived to and as such, I feel like I’m in a better spot to be an even better marketing consultant to startups about to launch (or launching another product or service) since I’ve been there myself not only for others but for myself too. I get it.

For marketers who have not yet launched their own something but want to better understand the rollercoaster your founders are going through before, during, and after the launch, I will be providing a series of posts on what to expect during your first launch experience. This series will also get into how launching your own product/service/project/etc., can help bring to you a deeper understanding of the intensity and importance of launches.

The first installation of this series is how to embrace the chaos by expecting the unexpected. Read this post here