Lack of Marketing Consistency is a Vulnerability to Your Startup


Our focus at KDMedia is to help startups determine the marketing goals they should focus on and translate that into both short and long term marketing strategies. We then help them understand from start to finish how they can successfully and consistently implement this strategic plan. With all this, the one very important lesson to understand that most marketers do not stick to — a lack of marketing consistency is a huge vulnerability to your business.

As a startup, it is extremely important to think about the “big picture” — no matter how early-stage you are. Too frequently, brands get stuck only thinking about their day-to-day marketing initiatives, but don’t understand how those efforts affect big picture, long-term marketing needs and goals. By not mapping out the bigger picture first, it becomes nearly impossible to develop a cohesive day-to-day marketing plan that can help you reach these goals.

To do this, it is absolutely vital to think strategically about what you want to be known for and to then translate that into specific content campaigns. However, we know from experience that this is easier said than done! But by working step by step to determine how your overarching marketing plan will dictate day-to-day activities, you can make sure that you brand will be known as the powerhouse that it is.


Here are a few of our top tips for startups:

First: Be known for something and say it proudly and regularly.

It is so very important to understand the core value of your company. If you don’t understand your core value, how are you going to be able to properly market your brand and services online?! Knowing who your brand is is the only way you can ever effectively market yourself on a day-to-day basis through content marketing, community management , online advertising. event marketing and so on. Otherwise, what will you base this content on? Something to think about. At KDMedia, we emphasize to all our clients how extremely important it is that we first understand the one essential value your brand is to be known for and beat that concept like a drum!

Our advice: Never lose sight of the core value that represents you as a brand, nor lose this sense of brand self when something new, shiny and trendy comes along. Stay true to your core value so people will look at you as an ever-present thought leader in your industry niche.


Second: Plan out cross-platform campaigns

Once you have determined what that one special thing is that you want your brand to be known for, plan out how you can relay that message across a variety of platforms that work for your audience. For example, say you want to be known for providing the best customer support in your industry. How can you translate that into email campaigns, a blog series, social media promotions, across your website and in case studies?

It is important to plan these themes first and then translate those themes into individual content topics — not the other way around. What is the key value you want to convey to your entire audience that represents your brand?

As a single entity, it is impossible for a piece of blog content to excel on it’s own. For any piece of content to really work for you, it is important for that it be a part of the greater picture. Every tweet and every blog post that your brand puts out must be interconnected to his greater marketing strategy in order to consistently tell your brand’s story.


Third: Stick With It!

Because of our Internet-obsessed society today, marketers are way too eager to jump onto the next great marketing idea without fully testing how an existing idea will work out and fit and fit within your longer-term marketing program. It’s important to understand that new and innovative ideas can take several months to come to fruition and show results, so if you are not seeing results from one of your campaigns in just a week, give it time! Make sure the campaign is developed across a variety of channels, using a variety of messages (for testing purposes), and spread out across a length of time to ensure you saturate your market as wide, far and deep as needed. So long as the campaign is true to your brand and marketing goals, and you are actively testing it to resonate with your audience, you will see the ROI overtime. Just stick with it!  After all, Apple didn’t give up on their computer when the first model wasn’t a huge hit, right? Now look at them.

And if you are still stuck on figuring out what that thing is that makes your brand unique and how you will market that one idea, there are marketing firms like us at KDMedia that specialize in working with startups to understand what your specific marketing needs are and how to carry them out in the right way. No matter how big or small your brand is, there is always a team that is there to help you figure out what your company’s niche and how to tell your story through online marketing efforts.
What area of marketing has your team consistently had trouble sticking to? It happens to the best of us so let’s all share to help better each other’s day-to-day efforts. Let us know in the comments below!