KDMedia at Dig South Interactive: Big Bad Brand Storytelling

dig south

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking on a digital marketing panel at Dig South Interactive next week in Charleston, South Carolina. This will be my first venture to Dig South, and I’m very interested to experience it as I’ve certainly had my fair share of SXSW trips to date. What I mean by this is that it seems Dig South is set out to be the SXSW of the Southeast. SXSW has gotten far too crowded and over-saturated with brands and promotions, the two main reasons I have no plans to return. I hope Dig South can fill these shoes.


About the Panel 

I was selected to speak on a panel on Wednesday, April 29th from 2-2:45pm on “Big Bad Brand Storytelling and Fresh Perspectives on Effective Content Marketing Across Industries.” I will be speaking alongside John Tripolsky, CEO of JTE Marketing Group, Jill Grozalsky, Strategy Director at Verndale, Joey Hall, VP of Content Marketing at EnVeritas Group, and John McGinn, Chief Creative Officer at SOUTH.


Brand storytelling, for any of you who know me personally or know our work at KDMedia, is the core of what I and we do. To me, it’s the essence of your entire marketing platform. That’s why I’m excited to be speaking on a topic I’m so deeply passionate about. In fact, I could talk all day (and week) about storytelling.  (Hint: If you’re going to Dig South and attending this panel, let’s chat afterwards).


The focus I’ll be taking on this panel is that when you launch your company, that story, the “why” of what you do, must be identified before you begin strategizing platforms, content calendars, brand voice, etc. etc. As we all (hopefully) know by now, no one cares what it is you do, they care why you do it and what it can do to improve their situation. That’s where storytelling comes in. My team and I work with clients to uncover that story from Day 1, before any marketing activities really even begin. We then help them craft an entire strategy around that story, from platforms to use to content themes and everything in between. Going a step further, we next help these teams to execute on that strategy and content by acquiring their brand voice (which represents their story and mission) and deliver it in every single tweet, blog post, webpage and designed asset.


Let’s Meet!

If you’re going to be at Dig South next week and would like to meet up, please let me know. You can get in touch by emailing me at kristin at kdmedianow dot com or tweeting to me at @KristinDziadul. Here is a bit more about the panel and how to register.