Introducing KDMedia Creative: Custom Video and Design Services

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I’m very proud and excited to announce today the official launch of KDMedia Creative services. The past month or so I’ve been heads down integrating these new service offerings by bringing on a deeply skilled creative team specialized in custom animated videos and marketing design. (We also redesigned this entire site, which was a really fun project!)

Thinking back to last September when I launched KDMedia, it’s truly humbling to think about how many amazing things have come about. I first launched as a full-service marketing firm. My team and I have worked with dozens of startups already, helping them launch or accelerate their marketing programs. While my initial plans were to keep KDMedia 100% marketing focused, those things always change. In this case, they changed for the better.

This is why I’m so thrilled to announce the growth of the team, expansion in service offerings, as well as a new website!

Here’s a little more about KDMedia Creative

At the core of it, the launch of KDMedia Creative is really just a natural extension of what we’ve been doing since Day 1. I know all too well, as does my team, that marketing does not live in a bubble, nor should it. Marketing interacts with every single department to get things done — and more often than not, we’ve found that designers and creatives are the ones we work with most. Many times, what starts off as singular pieces of marketing material transforms into evergreen pieces of designed content that serves as an integral role in the sales and marketing funnel.

So, what does this mean for you? For current clients, you no longer need to seek yet another firm to do design and video production for you — we’re it. It certainly can be difficult to manage multiple external firms, and outsourcing video to a random agency produces content that is not entirely aligned to your brand messaging. Our goal is to fix all of that. If you’re not yet a client, the options of how we can work together have just expanded significantly.

KDMedia now sits at the perfect intersection of words and visuals — bringing them to life in unison. See it in action in our video reel:

Creative services include:

  • Custom animated videos
    • Product demos
    • Company overviews
    • Customer testimonials
    • Advertisement
    • …and pretty much any other homepage or landing page video you need

We provide a full end-to-end solution that includes everything from script to final product with a focus on quick turnarounds and a superior client experience. Our videos are creative and customized specifically to your brand.

  • Design
    • eBook templates
    • Case study designs
    • Data sheet designs
    • Social media imagery
    • Advertisements

Our philosophy is three-fold: simple, beautiful and minimal. We felt it was in our client’s best interest to provide them with top-notch in-house design to ensure the marriage of vision and execution. The results are truly beautiful and effective pieces of marketing.

About the Team

The two individuals I’ve brought onto the KDMedia Creative team are Alysa Seeland and Isaac Seeland. But Alysa has actually been a part of the team on the marketing side of things since the beginning of 2014. She has a very unique and valuable skill set of being a crafted communicator in all forms of marketing content while also being deeply talented on the creative side of things. I admired Alysa and Isaac for their work in video production since I first met them both, and we’re all thrilled to be joining forces to build something truly great.

Alysa and Isaac have extensive experience doing creative work for companies small and large and have perfected the process of creating beautiful, highly customized, artistic videos and designs. We consider ourselves a small boutique firm with big agency experience, which means we make world-class videos and design while still maintaining close, meaningful relationships with our clients.

New Website!

New sites are launched every day, so I didn’t want to make a big deal of this by itself, but I’m pretty pleased with how the new site came out! It was an entire revamp and rebrand from the bare-boned site I had before. To note, my new design team guided the entire process! Take a look around — there is a lot here, but also much more to come as KDMedia continues to grow.

A look down the road…

Looking back to where KDMedia was just over a year ago is exciting enough, and I can’t wait to share with you several more areas of growth that KDMedia has coming soon. I can’t say much yet, but stay tuned… :)

In the meantime, get in touch if you’d like to discuss your next video or design project with us!

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– Kristin, Founder of KDMedia