The Road to Web 2.0

During college, I only used Facebook as a social media outlet. However, after studying various topics of marketing in college courses, and speaking with some amazing people in the field, I have become fascinated and passionate about the social media aspect of marketing.

Being involved in social media and getting ‘found’ online requires a great amount of time and effort. Since about three weeks ago, I have now enhanced my Facebook and have developed a Twitter account. I have learned how to work on Twitter and to network with others through it. I also created a LinkedIn account where I have reconnected with former colleagues, employers, and classmates. This site also allowed me to integrate all of my social media into one platform. I then uploaded my video resume onto YouTube, and plan on making a much more interactive and personal one in the upcoming week. This video has been promoted on both my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and I have several views already. In addition, I have created a blog and made a resolution to create at least three blogs per week.

After all this, I then searched for my name on Google. Originally, I only had about two links for my name on Google, and they were on the bottom of the screen. Now, I have 2.5 pages of links just about me! I found this incredible. If someone searches for me on Google now, there is a Google profile which I created that discusses a little more about me.

I have now learned that getting involved in all of these social sites is a great way to get found, but getting found is as easy as getting forgotten. You must constantly update your content to be remembered. This requires adding new Tweets at least a few times a day, developing several blogs a week, and updating your LinkedIn profile. In addition to that, I am beginning to create my own website that will integrate all of my social media outlets into one comprehensive site, and it will also display my passions, ideas, etc.

Networking is the new way to get ‘found,’ and even to get a job. Having those personal connections and keeping in contact with them is so essential today. I am very thankful to those who have helped me along the way to develop all of this. I hope you find this information valuable and can help you develop your social platform and network like I have. Good luck to you all! Thanks for reading!