The Importance of Working ON Your Business Not Just FOR It

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It’s dangerously easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of emails, tasks and to-do lists. That’s why many businesses have a hard time sitting back and spending time getting to know their their target audience, refining their messaging, honing their processes and studying how they fit into the market.

But I know first-hand that growing an effective business means not just working FOR the business (client work) but working ON it (processes, marketing, target audience research and so on).

I’ve found this approach to be one of the biggest success factors for us at KDMedia. In fact, it’s refreshing to come out of the weeds of the day-to-day work to spend time on reflective and forward-looking initiatives that set the direction of our entire business. After all, how could we continue to grow without doing that?

Contributing to the “build in public” movement that is growing like wildfire in the startup world, I wanted to share with you several initiatives we’ve been heads-down developing these past months.


KDMedia Ethics + Beliefs: Who We Are and How We Work


Too often, culture is afterthought for companies. The focus is on the product, the sales, the customers and funding. While all are obviously crucial to the survival of your business, the people behind it all matter just as much. The moment I expanded KDMedia from a one-man shop (me) to the team it is today, I started thinking a lot about what the culture should be.

I came to a few quick realizations:

Our Process: We’ve defined a particular process that works really well with our ideal client type. This means our process isn’t for everyone, but we are okay with that.

The Investment: Operating at scale with several team members on every client account and utilizing the tools we use (Buffer, Basecamp, Hubspot, etc.), we are not at the price point of an individual freelancer, nor should we be. That means not every startup can afford us, but we’ve focused our discovery process to ensure we’re up-front about our costs and our value and to make sure they align with what clients are looking for before we take up even a minute more of your time.

The Best Partnerships: After working with dozens and dozens of startups within just the few years KDMedia has been in business, we’ve honed in on exactly who our ideal client is. While we’d love to help everyone who comes to us, we have developed a sixth sense for which client partnerships will be the most successful (on both sides of the table), and we want to continue to focus our efforts where both of us can be successful.

Now, learning all of this was not a quick process. It tooks months of reflection, writing, refining and questioning to come to many of the above conclusions. What I love most about all of this is that our entire team has a passionate, relentless focus on continuously refining our focus and our process to ensure we’re working on the highest impact projects every single day with our clients. That’s a mindset that benefits our clients in a big way — it means they’re in good hands with people who care about their business, their team, their goals and their projects. It’s a win-win.

With all of this, we wanted to become much more transparent on the website about what we do and how we work.

Here you’ll now find:

Our Process: Learn what it’s like working with us.

Are We A Fit? We’ve detailed who our ideal client base is so you can determine if you’re at the right stage and readiness for the level of marketing we produce.

Pricing: Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all but we’ve categorized three tiers of pricing that represent what a majority of clients need. These are: Create, Create + Promote, Create, Promote + Measure. We’re pretty excited about this and clients love the clarity this brings to what they’re looking for.

New KDMedia Team MemberMeg Scarborough

Everyone, meet Meg Scarborough! Meg officially joined KDMedia in August as Partner and Digital Content Strategist, but we’ve been so heads down ramping up with several new clients that we haven’t had a chance to outwardly celebrate the announcement with the community! Meg comes to us with a strong editorial and strategic content marketing background, having worked both in-house and agency-side previously. She specializes in high tech and loves B2B as much as I do! Feel free to connect with Meg on LinkedIn or reach out to her via email at


That’s a wrap for now! Until then, if you’d like to get in touch with us, fill out this quick form or shoot us an email at


Happy Holidays from the entire KDMedia team!