How To Do Content Marketing On A Crunch

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For those of you that know me, you know I’m a very customization-driven marketer and value personalization and 1:1 over mass marketing almost every time. But we all know that’s not scalable every time — especially for startups juggling hundreds of tasks at a time.

Below are several ways you can simplify, streamline and recycle marketing content to make it work for you when you’re in a crunch:

How to Save Time With Social Media:

  1. Automated alerts: Set up keyword, branded and competitor alerts on Google Alerts, Mention, Talkwater Alerts, or the like so you can get relevant content delivered right to your inbox or feed. This allows content to share on social to quickly come to you, saving you time so you don’t have to dig around for it manually.
  2. Specific searches: I also recommend that you save these same searches on Twitter so you can go to them immediately when you sign onto Twitter to look for quick relevant content to share or engage with. This saves me a ton of time every day.
  3. Targeted lists: You should also set up lists on Twitter (private or public, your choice) of people who tweet good content. This allows you to easily find the best, most relevant content to share with your audience all in one, or a few, designated places. The same can be done on other channels too, in other formats — this is just one example.

How to Save Time With Content Marketing:

  1. eBook: In need of a fresh lead gen piece but no time to write new content? Look to see if you have a series of blog posts, a slide deck, or any other types of content already strung together that you can easily repurpose into an eBook.
  2. Webinar: In a crunch this month to pull together your next webinar? Look to a popular blog post, a well received speaking topic from one of your team members or a question your audience repeats over and over. Take that proven topic, expand on it with more color, details, and perhaps a guest speaker, and now you have your next webinar pulled together!
  3. Slideshare: I’m a huge fan of recycling content from blog posts to Slideshares. If you have a ‘how to” or “tips” type blog post, or some other format that would work well in small digestible chunks of content for a slide deck, repurpose it into a series of slides (I recommend using Keynote) and post it on Slideshare. Slideshare gives you additional SEO opportunities and provides your audience with another format and channel from which they can digest your content. These can take just ½ hour each if you have the template for your slide deck ready to go. (We design these, by the way, if you need one whipped together).
  4. Blog: Do you have some longer blog posts that you could break up into even more specific blog post topics? (i.e. I could take the Social Media section of this and make it its own post). This is a great way to increase SEO value for targeted topics that are relevant and important to your business. It is also a very easy way to repurpose existing content. Alternatively, if you have an eBook, whitepaper, 1 pager, speaking abstract, etc. that you can pull pieces from, you should!

All this is to say there are always content marketing opportunities — you just need to know where to find them!

Want a bit more guidance or still need help executing on this? Or, if you’re like me and value much more the customized and personalized side of things, let me know.

What other ways do you and your team optimize, automate and recycle marketing content when you are in a crunch?