Friday Favorites: See the World With Your Eyes, Not Your Phone

beme logo

Meet Beme, the latest video streaming app on the market that we can’t stop talking about. Founded by YouTuber Casey Neistat, the premise of the app is based around the idea that we need to stop capturing moments through our iPhones and actually enjoy what we are watching.

In a day in age where sharing moments via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and various other streaming services is so prevalent, so often we miss out on actually enjoying that moment in time. With Beme, you simply hold your phone on your chest and the streaming service will start recording a video, that way you are able to actually experience what you are watching rather than worrying about what filter you will apply and how the video quality is.

As marketers, we think this is a brilliant idea. Actually seeing what is going on around you, without being plugged into your phone, that is what social media is all about. Being able to share what you are doing in an organic way to keep your family, friends and followers informed.
Now over to you! Have you tried Beme? We would love to hear how you like it in the comment section below and what you think about changing the way we experience and interact with real events through social media.