Friday Favorites- The Power of Facebook and Mobile


This week Facebook announced their latest earnings. This announcement proved to be different than their previous earnings as it became clear that Facebook has truly mastered the art of mobile advertising.

The interesting fact is that 76% of Facebook’s $4.04 billion in revenue came from advertising on mobile devices. As Mashable reports “the smaller screens are the most appealing to advertisers, because they’re the ones (screens) that are always with us.” With this announcement, Facebook executives emphasized how their growth has been driven by their ability to do broad-based consumer advertising in a very targeted way.

As marketers and brands, this announcement comes as simple reaffirmation of how important it is to now consider Facebook as a part of your advertising strategy. For brands, Facebook is becoming less and less of an organic platform and a more so place to direct advertising spend. For few advertising platforms like Facebook allow you to specifically target the people you want to share your message with.

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