• Lack of Marketing Consistency is a Vulnerability to Your Startup


    A lack of marketing consistency is a huge vulnerability to your business. As a startup, you must focus on your big picture marketing plan and ensure it drives day to day marketing activities to drive a consistent message across every channel you are using. This post provides a framework for all marketers to ensure a consistent marketing strategy.

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  • Friday Favorites- The Power of Facebook and Mobile

    This week Facebook announced their latest earnings. This announcement proved to be different than their previous earnings as it became clear that Facebook has truly mastered the art of mobile advertising. The interesting fact is that 76% of Facebook’s $4.04 billion in revenue came from advertising on mobile devices. As Mashable reports “the smaller screens […]

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  • Never Stop Learning – Especially As A Marketer


    As the incredibly wise Gary Vaynerchuck once said, “If you aren’t constantly learning you are dead”. While this may be somewhat extreme, this idea is extremely applicable to many walks of life – especially digital marketing. This post provides advice on what to learn regularly to stay ahead of the marketing game.

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  • Friday Favorites: See the World With Your Eyes, Not Your Phone

    beme logo

    There is a new app on the market, Beme, that is changing the way we experience and share live events though video. Read the story in our Friday Favorites weekly post featuring one top story marketers can learn from each week.

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  • Practice What You Preach

    friday favorites

    We are excited to start a weekly segment called “Friday Favorites” in which KDMedia will feature trending topics going on in the marketing/ pop culture world and discuss how these trends can benefit your company and your business practices!

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  • Why Giving 50% Results in 50% When it Come to Marketing

    community building

    Four actionable ways to find, nurture and grow your early community to build it into a successful, long-lasting group of brand advocates willing to spread the word for you and spread your message far and wide.

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  • From B2B to H2H: How to Bring Your Brand to Life Through Customer-Centric Marketing

    human to human marketing

    Consumers are smarter than ever now at tuning out mainstream marketing tactics and are seeking deeper, more meaningful connections with brands and individuals alike. But how can a brand connect with a customer on a deeper level, especially online when it feels so impersonal? And how do you develop a multi-channel marketing plan that reflects their needs? In this post are 3 ways you can bring your brand to life across any marketing channel to connect on a human level with your audience.

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  • KDMedia at Dig South Interactive: Big Bad Brand Storytelling

    dig south

    KDMedia founder, Kristin Dziadul will be speaking on a digital marketing panel at Dig South Interactive Festival on “Big Bad Brand Storytelling and Fresh Perspectives on Effective Content Marketing Across Industries.”

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  • Communication Matters: 3 Things Your Designer Needs to Know

    3 things to tell your designer before you begin.

    “If communication bears the mark of failure or inauthenticity, it is because it is sought as fusion.” – Emmanuel Levinas No one likes to see a project go south, but I’ve lost track of the stories I’ve heard of failed design collaborations. So, what gives? Project managers and content creators blame designers for taking too long or being too expensive, designers often […]

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  • Designers: 3 Steps to Better Feedback Calls

    Feedback calls provide a great opportunity to wow clients with what you know.

    Design feedback calls don’t have to be painful, they’re actually an important time in your process to show your clients what you know.

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