• Copywriting for Design, Designing for Copy

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    Copy and design are like the two oars of a rowboat. When they don’t align, a project spins out of control and the quality goes downhill fast. At KDMedia, we sit at the perfect intersection of marketing and design and have worked out countless projects where we’ve seamlessly bridged marketing and design to create an ideal workflow and result. Here is our advice on how marketing and design can better collaborate.

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  • A Reminder to Take Care of Yourself During the Startup Rollercoaster

    startup stress

    Why you need to take care of yourself during the startup roller coaster, especially during a product launch. Key advice on how to better take care of yourself without taking up too much of your time or breaking the bank.

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  • What Overtime in Sports Can Teach You About Startup Launches

    startup team

    Launches are like overtime in basketball. Every minute counts so you can hit your launch date. Every move counts — your competitors, the media, your investors, your customers are all watching. They’re in the stands at the ready for your big debut. So if you’re working at a startup now and getting ready for your first or next launch, here are some tips on what to expect and how to prepare.

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  • What expecting the unexpected teaches you about effective startup launches

    keep calm

    In startup world, expecting the unexpected is one of the first hard lessons you learn. But during a launch, this increases two-fold — and for good reason. Based on experience launching dozens of startup product and services currently and in the past, as well as two big projects/services of my own, this post outlines the five things to expect and prepare for during a launch.

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  • Lessons in Launching Your Own Product and Becoming a Better Marketer

    startup launch

    To truly empathize with founders during a product launch, you have to launch something of your own. This series breaks down what to expect during a launch.

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  • How To Do Content Marketing On A Crunch

    keep calm

    KDMedia explains the ways to simplify, streamline and recycle content marketing and social media content when you’re in a time crunch.

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  • 10 Unusual Ways to Get Attention At A Conference, Event or Meetup


    While events are an exciting place to meet directly with customers, the community, influencers, media, and even investors, it’s almost as daunting an endeavor as developing an entirely new website. They’re extremely detail-oriented, expensive, and you only have one shot per event to make a significant impact. This post explains ten unique ways to get the attention you need to attract the right prospects.

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  • 6 Ways To Get Your Customers To Genuinely Participate In Your Marketing

    social media participation

    Marketing and advertising aren’t going away anytime soon, but there is a big shift happening. I like to call it Customer-First Marketing and it’s a shift away from “ME! ME! ME!” marketing and advertising and towards “YOU! YOU! YOU!” Using this approach, you will be able to better capture your audience’s attention, getting them to actually participate in any of your marketing campaigns!

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  • Stuck In A Marketing Rut? 5 Ways To Get Out In 1 Hour

    stuck in a rut

    It’s not easy coming up with fresh ideas day after day, week after week, expecting incremental results every time. In this post are the top tips and tricks to get out of those ruts faster.

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  • To Twitter or Not to Twitter? Defining Your Social Media Landscape

    social media landscape

    Twitter is not right for every brand. Neither are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Ello and the next big thing. Too many times I see companies hop on one of these major social networks because they think they need to be there. But why? Without a solid understanding of your target demographic and your company goals, you should not be placing bets on certain channels “just because”. In this post, I’ll explain how to vet social media channels before you begin pouring time and effort into one that might as well be as useful as talking to a rock.

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