• Lack of Marketing Consistency is a Vulnerability to Your Startup


    A lack of marketing consistency is a huge vulnerability to your business. As a startup, you must focus on your big picture marketing plan and ensure it drives day to day marketing activities to drive a consistent message across every channel you are using. This post provides a framework for all marketers to ensure a consistent marketing strategy.

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  • Friday Favorites- The Power of Facebook and Mobile

    This week Facebook announced their latest earnings. This announcement proved to be different than their previous earnings as it became clear that Facebook has truly mastered the art of mobile advertising. The interesting fact is that 76% of Facebook’s $4.04 billion in revenue came from advertising on mobile devices. As Mashable reports “the smaller screens […]

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  • Never Stop Learning – Especially As A Marketer


    As the incredibly wise Gary Vaynerchuck once said, “If you aren’t constantly learning you are dead”. While this may be somewhat extreme, this idea is extremely applicable to many walks of life – especially digital marketing. This post provides advice on what to learn regularly to stay ahead of the marketing game.

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