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For over five years, I’ve worked with VC backed startups, building, testing and refining their marketing programs. I wear a lot of marketing hats and prefer it that way, but my passions within marketing tend to revolve most around content strategy and creation and social media engagement tactics. I’m a versatile, fast-acting, collaborative marketer that can’t wait to dive into all things marketing with you and your team.

I’m currently taking on new clients! See the details of my specialties below:

[Strategy / Content / Community & Social / Speaking]

Communication Strategies

The way your brand communicates to the world is so important today. There are many types of communication strategies all companies should have — and many should be used in combination. Communication strategies dive deep into solidifying a brand’s voice, personality, responsiveness, channels, and most importantly, provide a place to get your team on the same page to ensure consistent communications on every channel at all times.

I work with clients to create:

  • Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Positioning & Brand Voice Strategies
  • Community & Social Media Strategies
  • Content Strategies
  • Individual content pieces (I write and edit every piece of content)
  • Social media accounts and communities (I setup & help manage each channel)

Content Creation

Make your brand story seriously stand out from the crowd. You need unique, helpful content that really speaks to your audience. Whether it’s educational blog posts, new website content or emails to your customers, your content should have a unique and memorable voice to capture your audience’s attention and show them who you really are.

On top of helping to create your Content Strategy and even an Editorial Calendar to go along with it, I love writing the content itself!

I specialize in writing:

  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Email copy
  • Customer case studies
  • Ad copy
  • …and more (Like I said, I’ve done it all!)

Community/Social Media Management

You need a social media presence that reflects what is truly unique about you to attract customers. Being available on the channels your customers are using is obvious — how to manage your presence isn’t as easy. Being on social media goes much deeper than just having an account and being reactive. You have to have a unique voice, be extremely responsive and identify ways to spark conversations.

I work with clients to create:

  • A Social Media Strategy, usually as a part of their larger Marketing Communications Strategy, which encompasses:
    • Lead generation tactics to drive real sales leads from social media activity
    • Recommendations on which channels make the most sense to be active on
    • How to increase followers and engagement levels
    • How and when to engage on social media
    • How to identify and engage with influencers on social media

I also provide social media training for individuals, teams and executives.


I love to speak about marketing, especially on the parts of it that excite me the most (humanizing brands, generating brand loyalty, and effective social media tactics, to be specific). Below are a few examples of past speaking engagements I have done — many more to come! Let me know if you have an upcoming event and are interested in speaking with me about it — just send me an email.

  • How to Create an Army of Brand Loyalists [Slide Deck]
  • How to Jumpstart Your Online Brand Via Social Media [Slide Deck]
  • Using Social Media to Navigate the Boston Startup Scene and Land a Job [Slide Deck]
  • Online Branding: Sell Yourself [Slide Deck]


To inquire about any or all of my services, just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can (which is usually really quick)!

Fill out my online form.

If you’d like to talk to me about collaborating or just want to say hello, drop me an email. In the meantime, let’s connect on Twitter @KristinDziadul. Want to check my creds and recommendations? Here’s my LinkedIn as well.

  • Dharmesh Shah

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation and your award.

    Nice website — well laid out and such. The video makes it a bit more engaging too.

    One quick tip: I’d try creating another video that’s more natural and unscripted. Have a friend record it. Try to draw out your personality. Talk about the classes you enjoyed. How you spend your day in social media. Perhaps some witty humor — whatever comes naturally.

    I understand the temptation be “professional” — especially earlier in your career, but I think it’s worth the risk. The kinds of companies you *want* to work for are not going to hold that against you — quite the contrary.

    Good luck with the search.

    Oh, and you should check out HubSpot. :)

  • admin

    Thank you very much! I will look into creating that video as well. I was thinking of keeping a weekly video blog of what I was doing. And I will certainly check out Hubspot, I love what your company is doing

  • Marsh Sutherland

    Hi Kristin,

    Congratulations on branding yourself to truly stand out from the rest of the Marketing grads.

    As a recruiter I’ve always espoused that a Marketing professional’s resume and application should be a marketing piece in itself demonstrating what you would give to your employer.

    I agree with Dharmesh above and kudos for going full tilt.

    I spoke to our CMO Ken Herron about this site and what you’ve done. He agrees we may have a spot on the SocialGrow team once we get funding or revenues, probably in the June time frame.

    Thanks for joining the SocialGrow A Team! We look forward to your feedback. We will launch in the next week.


  • admin


    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I like what you are doing at SocialGrow and would be interested in speaking with you further about a future position. I will definitely leave feedback on the A Team group site after the launch.


  • http://toomanytolist Buddy Revelle

    Great site for information, but the design is something to be desired. Good luck, you seem very motivated.

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  • Marty

    Ah, I should not be surprised to find my friend Dharmesh Shah in these threads. :). I accidentally found your site. Rock On, Rock On :)

    • Kristin

      Thank you Marty!

  • bretsimmons

    One of the better personal brands for a young college grad I have seen. I like the use of video but concur with Dharmesh that you should try to be more natural. That is easier said than done! Try to work away from using a computer camera – go for a Flip. Also, I think you should have a smiling picture of yourself on the landing home page. This is your personal brand and we engage with people not logos.Well done! Bret

    • kristinedziadul

      Bret, thanks for the tips and for checking out my site! I do not have a Flip camera at the time, but am looking into getting one soon. For now, my computer camera will have to do for my few video blogs. I enjoy doing this every day and can't wait to start a career doing inbound marketing and social media strategy for a company.


  • Allan

    I love what you're doing with all the SM, Online Mkt knowledge. I think for start-up is great! I'm also starting with a similar initiative down here in Mexico City. Just grad myself last December from IT Management w/ MKT for IT Products & Services, it would be great to keep in touch with you and contribute / help each other to blast our ideas up. What do you think? Greetings and congrats!

    • kristinedziadul

      Allan, that would be great! If you want some exposure, you are more than welcome to guest post on my site about a marketing topic. You can use the contact page on my site to contact me directly. I can return the favor to you as well. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments!

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    • Kristin Dziadul

      Thank you!

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    It’s so refreshing to find articles like the ones you post on your site. Very informative reading. I will keep you bookmarked. Thanks!

    • Kristin Dziadul

      Thanks! If you have any post suggestions feel free to let me know. I love to write for what my readers want to read about most.


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    • Kristin Dziadul

      Thanks! I had a friend help me set it up on GoDaddy but other than that the design and content was all my ideas. I used a preset theme on WordPress and customized it to make it as social as it is because I am a big believer of social sharing. If you have any other questions on it feel free to contact me through the Contact form of my site, happy to help!


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    • Kristin Dziadul

      Great to hear, thanks! My Twitter handle is @kristinedziadul there is a link to it on my home page on this site as well.


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    • Kristin Dziadul

      Thanks, I appreciate the compliment! The theme is FlexiThemes on WordPress. I self host it in GoDaddy.


  • Phillis Rigsby

    If I might –perhaps you should consider adding a few images. I dont mean to disrespect what youve said; its very enlightening, indeed. However, I think would respond to it more positively if they could be something tangible to your ideas. Keep it up, but put a little more into it next time

    • Kristin Dziadul

      Thanks for the input. I try to limit the images on my site since I already use a good amount and images slow down the loading time for this site. I only try to put them in when I feel it can greatly enhance the post.


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  • Marc

    Kristin…..I agree with Dharmesh and the others who commented on your video, but I'll take it a step further which means that you're really on a great track with the way you're 'marketing' yourself overall. Frankly, I'd rather have been reading what you spoke in those videos because my imagination would have painted a totally different picture of you based on all the coolness you've put out there. Honestly, those two videos were boring and I'm sure you're not boring. PLUS, video has the power to move the human soul when taking advantage of it's ability to communicate on several levels at once. (I'm a filmmaker with 38 years pro experience) So I speak from a unique vantage point.

    So why not be creative and try a different approach with your video resume? Show us who you are with as many bells and whistles blaring tastefully away…..Therein lies the key however; doing it with taste. The hardest part to making effective video (telling a good story) is the writing. As for execution, there are hundreds of people all around who can help with that part. But the message has to clear, focused and utilizing all the senses (maybe aside from taste, the tongue type).

    Good luck. You've got the spark!

    • kristinedziadul

      Thanks so much for your feedback Marc! I replied to you via email.

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